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Harmonise  Heal  Transform

  • Harmonise Heal Transform

    2 hr 15 min

    250 Australian dollars
  • Harmonise Heal Transform

    1 hr 30 min

    160 Australian dollars
  • Harmonise Heal Transform

    1 hr

    110 Australian dollars

What is Acutonics & N.O.T.

Acutonics is non invasive acupuncture, where tuning forks are used instead of needles. It follows the same treatment strategies as Traditional Chinese Medicine, only with the add bonus of the specific frequencies of the forks being applied to the acupuncture points. This takes the treatment to another level of specificity, as each tuning fork has a particular quality, as does each acupuncture point. 

Personally, I find Acutonics very feminine in nature, it is deeply relaxing, nourishing and restorative. The power of sound combined with  the ancient science of the flow of energy through the meridians, is profoundly tangible. Often my clients say they feel reborn, reset, as though everything is back in its rightful place.

N.O.T. - Neural Organisational Technique is a specialised branch of Kinesiology. which works through the central nervous system to restore structural, bio-chemical and emotional balance. It is a “systems approach” to healing. Many stubborn health problems are actually not individual spinal, nerve, muscle, or organ problems, but disrupted neural network systems to the brain that govern them. N.O.T. focuses on correcting this key and often overlooked dysfunction to restore optimal health. We all carry beliefs that become stuck in the body, this can occur through ill health trauma or even a knock on the head. What I love about N.O.T. is that it can clear out of date beliefs, while at the same time addressing the physical symptoms displaying.

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