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Meet Alissa

Non invasive Acupuncture-Acutonics practitioner. 

Certified N.O.T., Neural Organisational Technique practitioner. 

Deep nourishment, deep acknowledgement and deep acceptance are the cornerstone for us to thrive. Unfortunately, in this fasted paced electronic world, these basic building blocks for sustained health are often non existent, as we barely cope to survive.  


When our energies become stagnant and/or our thoughts become blocked, this creates a fertile breeding ground for ill health. It is well known that anxiety, stress, depression, trauma, too much to do, relationship and financial issues and poor eating habits, deeply impacts the state of our health. 


Often we end up with a cascade of physical and/or emotional symptoms that keeps us running from practitioner to practitioner to try and find answers and some relief.


The body is naturally wise and sometimes it needs help to unravel what is holding it back from it’s full potential to heal. 


Understanding that everything is interrelated and interconnected and that nothing stands alone is a good start, for example a simple knock on the head can create -


  • ongoing muscular skeletal pain, 

  • neck, back, jaw pain, 

  • anxiety, depression, stress

  • endocrine issues, 

  • sleeping difficulties, 

  • digestive and gut issues, 

  • learning difficulties, 

  • foggy brain, memory issues, 

  • feeling like you are alway in fight, flight or frozen

  • And many other weird seemingly unrelated symptoms.


By the way who hasn’t knocked their head.


What is interesting is a traumatic event e.g. losing a loved one, being in a car accident, or even having a bad experience at work etc., can often create these symptoms. Over a period of time if the body and mind aren’t taken out of fight/ flight or frozen, our sympathetic nervous system becomes dominate and stuck neural pathways begin to impacted us on all levels.


These neural pathway groves, begin to erode our physical bodies capacity to cope. Our adrenals become exhausted, often our capacity to cope in the world becomes diminished, our sleep patterns may become affected, sometimes pains in the hip, back, neck or general body pains can become more obvious, gut and digestive problems may become an issue etc., etc., etc. Over a period of time this erodes our confidence and emotional well being and before we know it life becomes really hard.

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Alissa’s rich history, as a devotional singer/songwriter, practitioner of acupuncture, acutonics, neural organisation technique, yoga, working in ‘living with dying’ and freedom from trauma,  has inspired her life’s passion of exploring and understanding the energy pathways and frequencies that initiate transformation, expansion of consciousness and freedom from suffering.

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