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Deep nourishment, 

deep acknowledgement 

and acceptance are the corner stones of

 restoration and healing.

Harmonise   Heal   Transform

  with Alissa Nathaniel

Meet Alissa

Bachelor of Acupuncture; Acutonics and Certified 

N.O.T - Neural Organisational Technique practitioner.


Non-invasive acupuncture (Acutonics) & Neural Organisational Technique (N.O.T) are used to harmonise, heal and transform ill health, by moving you from discomfort to ease, from anguish to joy and disconnection to connection.

A quest for freedom has taken me on a journey to explore consciousness. To dive deep into the mind and the neural pathways that can become stuck with anxiety, stress, trauma, entangled belief structures and conditioned responses that create suffering and may sabotage our life journey. 


Consequently,  I’ve explored the body and it’s sensitivities to life and the cascade of symptoms that present when it's out of balanced. And supported many who have travelled 

thorough the shadow realms of emotions, to release unbearable pain, to nurture the heart back to its natural state of loving kindness and compassion for self.


This journey has changed my life and I am forever grateful. Every tool and skill set I've embodied along the way, is here to help you remember your innate freedom. 



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What I Specialize In

Your time to harmonise, heal and transform

What is Acutonics & N.O.T

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10% off online booking! Use the code TRANSFORM

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The Journey Towards Health Begins on the Path of Self Love. Begin Your Journey Today.

During 2016 I went though multiple traumatic events that caused me to have anxiety and panic attacks very regularly and I wasn’t coping at all. I tried multiple psychologists, therapists, hypnotherapy, bowen therapy, yoga and all kinds of sports. These things helped temporarily, however none of them actually made a substantial change in how I felt about the things I had been though. After my first session with Alissa I knew I’d found it. She has helped me more than I ever thought would be possible and I can’t thank her enough. She has truely changed my life forever

Ella Cummings

Psychology student -

Burleigh Heads QLD

I’m not sure where to start, as I found everything that Alissa did to be nothing short of miraculous. Her welcoming spirit and smile nurtured me back to life and I feel so much gratitude for the space she was able to hold for myself. Alissa’s radiant energy & compassion combined with a multi tiered skill set enabled her to develop a complete healing system catered especially for me. The benefits I saw and felt within myself allowed me the space to recover, grow and expand. I wholehearted recommend Alissa and the wonderful work she does.


Stacey Peachious Tarleton

Chef - Kirra QLD 

Before I started receiving treatment from Alissa, I felt stuck. I knew I had patterns and beliefs that impacted my life negatively, but I couldn’t seem to get to the bottom  of them. I tried so many different therapies, but the same issues kept arising, and I felt like I couldn’t move forward.

Then I found the beautiful Alissa. She decoded a lifelong program that was unconsciously impacting my relationships, work, and my life.

Alissa has an extraordinary ability to draw out hidden beliefs that we are completely unaware of. Once she identifies these belief structures, she uses N.O.T to dissolve them and bring the nervous system back into alignment. She then bathes you in beautiful sound healing that nurtures and soothes your soul.

My experiences with Alissa have been both healing and transformative.

Sarah Valastro 

Naturopath - Tugan QLD


Harmonise   Heal   Transform

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