Deep nourishment, 

deep acknowledgement 

and acceptance are the corner stones of

 restoration and healing.

Harmonise   Heal   Transform

  with Alissa Nathaniel

Meet Alissa

Bachelor of Acupuncture; Acutonics and Certified 

N.O.T - Neural Organisational Technique practitioner.

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What I Specialize In

10% off online booking! Use the code TRANSFORM

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Before I started receiving treatment from Alissa, I felt stuck. I knew I had patterns and beliefs that impacted my life negatively, but I couldn’t seem to get to the bottom  of them. I tried so many different therapies, but the same issues kept arising, and I felt like I couldn’t move forward.

Then I found the beautiful Alissa. She decoded a lifelong program that was unconsciously impacting my relationships, work, and my life.

Alissa has an extraordinary ability to draw out hidden beliefs that we are completely unaware of. Once she identifies these belief structures, she uses N.O.T to dissolve them and bring the nervous system back into alignment. She then bathes you in beautiful sound healing that nurtures and soothes your soul.

My experiences with Alissa have been both healing and transformative.


Harmonise   Heal   Transform


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